Panel Discussion

Panel: PHP and Frameworks
Taylor Otwell, Fatima Khalid, Beth Soderberg, Ryan Weaver

While you finish your lunch, stay around to join us for a panel discussion that will include community members from various frameworks in PHP, such as Laravel, Symfony, Laminas, WordPress, and Drupal.

Listen to creators, contributors, and community members discuss the role that frameworks have played over the past 25 years of PHP's history, as well as what they see as the future of frameworks for PHP.

Participating in this panel:

  • Taylor Otwell - Creator of the Laravel PHP framework and its surrounding ecosystem, including Laravel Forge, Envoyer, Spark, Nova, and Vapor.
  • Fatima Khalid - Drupal core contribution mentor lead, DrupalCon program team, and Drupal Diversity & Inclusion leadership team member
  • Beth Soderberg - Co-organizer of WordCamp DC & WordPress DC Meetups and contributor to the WordPress Training Team.
  • Ryan Weaver - Core developer with Symfony.