Diversity Commitment

We have been focusing to ensure that our attendance is as diverse as possible, in all ways possible. We’re so committed to this, we’re seeking partnerships to focus solely on diversity of the audience and speakers. We strive to be a conference where folks from all backgrounds meet to continue making technology great and accessible to everyone.  Details of each of those commitments will be published here as they are finalized.

Financial Aid / Diversity Tickets

Thanks to the support of our amazing sponsor Twilio, we are offering up (at least) 10 free tickets to people from underrepresented groups at conferences.  We’ve partnered with diversitytickets.org to handle distributing these tickets is a fair and impartial manner.  You’ll need to submit a short application through their system by September 30th in order to be considered for these tickets.  They include a full ticket to the conference (though they can be swapped for a training class ticket instead if desired).

Apply for Aid


Quiet Room

We always work to provide a quiet room for people to use for whatever purpose that they need. Need to do a bit of work? Are you a speaker who wants to look over your slides? Do you just need a quiet place to sit for a while and relax while getting away from the crowds. Regardless of the reason, we always make sure a room is available for that purpose.

Accessibility Details

The venue that we’ve chosen is very accessible, and all conference & meal space is on the same (ground) floor. We will be getting full details posted here in the near future as to exact distances of the walking paths between different areas of the venue, width of doorways, and the number of handicap parking places.  We are also working with the venue to ensure that we have gender neutral bathrooms available for our attendees who prefer that.


Allergies / Food Accommodations

All attendees will receive an email after buying their ticket asking if they have any food requirements. We work with our venue to ensure we can provide adequate nutrition options for every guest based upon any allergies (Gluten, Nuts, Shellfish), or other requirements (Vegan, Kosher, etc.).