Tessa Kriesel


Teaching and mentorship come naturally to dog-lover and Developer Outreach Manager at Pantheon, Tessa Kriesel. She wears many hats in her life — all with sass and finesse — including instructor for Girl Develop It, lead organizer for WordCamp Minneapolis, and founder of Outspoken Women and Coders of TMRW.

Tessa has spoken on many topics including helping beginners with workflow, mentorship, teaching on configuration management, and shedding light on continuous integration and deployment. She has also been a panelist on a wide range of topics at conferences and meetups.

When Tessa isn’t working on her development chops or mentoring junior developers, she is using her extroverted superhero skills to make people feel welcome and included at whatever event she attends.

My Sessions

Developing a Culture of Mentorship


It’s easy to spend your entire day, head down, coding projects without thinking twice about other developers around you. We often get too absorbed with completing our immediate deadlines to spend any time considering the future of our projects, or the future of our teams. By not mentoring new developers we are failing our future. […]