Emily Stamey


Emily Stamey works at InQuest, a network security company based in Washington, DC. She learned PHP in 1999 and loved it. This ignited her passion for open source! In her free time, she enjoys music, Legos, making things, playing games, and socializing. She is an active volunteer in tech communities as Director of Women Who Code Raleigh/Durham and Organizer of TrianglePHP. She enjoys helping people share ideas and learn together, which has led to her speaking at conferences.

My Sessions

Pulling Up Your Legacy App by Its Bootstraps!

Ash Grove B

Your mission is to support an application built on an older framework. Refactoring isn’t easy. The code is untested and not using standards. We’ll talk about how to incorporate modern PHP coding practices to replace code and retiring the older code in pieces. We’ll review examples and code from a project where we bootstrapped a […]

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What’s Your Skateboard?

Ash Grove B

User Story Mapping is a strategy where a team of customers, developers, and users examine the details of a project. Your team diagrams the process and events. Once you’ve discovered these stories, your team views features with the problems they solve. This powerful approach allows your team to prioritize features based on everyone’s needs and […]