Andrew Cassell

Marine Spill Response Corporation

Andrew Cassell is a full-stack web application developer in Herndon, Virginia. Andrew is an employee of the non-profit Marine Spill Response Corporation, the largest dedicated oil spill and emergency response organization. He works on their website and internal web applications.

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Domain-Driven Design in PHP Workshop

Luray I

Building PHP applications using domain-driven design (DDD) techniques results in code that is easier to modify, maintain, test, and makes for a better user experience. In this hands-on tutorial, you will become versed in the best practices for solving problems using domain-driven design in PHP from start to finish. You will learn to: Discover a […]

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Immutability to Save an Ever-Changing World

Rivanna A

Want to build software that is more testable, easier to modify, and has fewer lines of code? Architecting with more immutable objects that are always in a valid state is the most important lesson I have learned in building better software applications. Using immutable value objects will lead to less checking, fewer bugs, and more […]