Web Security Essentials

Great Falls

A full day crash course in web and PHP security practices that teaches you everything you need to know to begin protecting yourself from malicious users. This class covers the top web security attacks, how to detect them, how to protect yourself from them, and how to recover if you are breached. It also covers PHP specific security topics such as best practices for protecting user sessions and handling user logins and passwords.

(This is an all day class on Tuesday, with lunch provided.  A separate ticket is required for this training class.)

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Class Requirements:

  • Participants will be responsible for bringing their own laptop to work on.
  • Participants before the day of the class need to follow the setup instructions found here: https://github.com/psecio/rift
  • If you have any problems following those instructions or have any other questions about the class, you may contact the trainer, Chris Cornutt, via Twitter: @enygma
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