PHP Essentials (Day 2)

Ash Grove B

Ready to learn PHP? Are you beginning down the path of becoming a PHP developer? Whether you are brand new to programming, moving from another programming language, or experienced within a PHP based CMS and wanting to learn how to get more out of your software, this training is designed for you!

This two-day long course will teach you all the basics and get you writing your very first PHP program, accelerating your learning of PHP. It will cover Basic PHP Structure, Strings, Arithmetic, Variables, Conditional Statements, Loops, Functions, Cookies, Sessions, HTML Forms, MySQL Database usage, and the Basics of Object Oriented Programming.

(This is a 2-day long class on Monday and Tuesday, lunch will be provided both days.  A separate ticket is required for this training class.)

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Class Requirements:

  • Participants will be responsible for bringing their own laptop to work on.
  • While there is no expectation of programming skill required for taking this class, there is an expectation that you will be familiar with the usage of a text editor, and a general understanding of basic computer usage and filesystems.
  • Participants will need a working PHP development environment running PHP 7, this can either be:
    • A local environment on your laptop that you choose to setup yourself and maintain
    • Those who register for the class will be sent an invite to a free Cloud9 account online no later than one month before the conference, which will allow the student free access to an online editor & workspace without any need to provide a credit card, nor handle any aspect of setup.
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