Hands-On API Design


Building your next mobile app, SaaS product, or web app using an API first philosophy? Already maintain an API and want to step back and think about API design? Join us for a day of hands-on training! We’ll build and iterate over a simple API, exploring concepts that give your API a solid foundation: authentication, REST-based design and workflows, practical hypermedia, versioning, API request/response formats. Because your API may start out serving the needs of internal mobile clients, or single page web apps, but one day (sooner than you think) you’ll be turning it into a public API.

(This is an all-day class on Tuesday, with lunch provided.  A separate ticket is required for this training class.)

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Class Requirements:

  • Participants will be responsible for bringing their own laptop to work on.
  • A laptop with an internet connection, pen, and paper will be all that’s needed for a significant amount of the class.
  • The coding portion of the class will require any modern(5.3+) PHP development environment.
  • A docker image and associated configuration will be provided as well (have the latest `docker` and `docker-compose` installed if you want to use this).
  • Working in small groups will be fine, and even encouraged – so don’t stress over this.
  • If you have any problems following those instructions or have any other questions about the class, you may contact the trainer, Tim Lytle, via Twitter: @tjlytle
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