Component-Based Theming With Twig

Ash Grove C

While we have all read about, watched, and even worked with Drupal and WordPress to create themes, the introduction of Twig has changed the traditional way of working with HTML, CSS, and JS. There is a movement away from traditional theme-centric design and towards component-based design. Learn how to identify patterns, define components, and utilize command line tools such as Composer, npm, and Grunt to quickly create a Pattern Lab managed theme. Work smarter, not harder as we create components that can be placed into any project.

(This is an all day class on Monday, with lunch provided.  A separate ticket is required for this training class.)

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Class Requirements:

  • Participants will be responsible for bringing their own laptop to work on.
  • *Further instructions to be announced*
  • If you have any problems following those instructions or have any other questions about the class, you may contact the trainer, Chaz Chumley, via Twitter: @chazchumley
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